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Maintenance is vital with the harsh winters in this environment. In the winter months we offer a variety of services from sanding to snow removal. Once the snow is gone, it is time to begin cleaning the road ways with our street sweeping services. Finally its time to fill those pot holes. This is where our patching crew comes in and finishes the cycle.


Our finely tuned concrete crews are the next step in the process. The installation of side walks, curbs and gutters have been perfected with our seasoned crews getting in and out in timely fashion.

Road Construction

With multiple crews for base and paving as well as foaming. We are able to accommodate the construction of new or existing roads and highways to many locations with efficiency and precision.

Water and Sewer

Currently we are operating with three water and sewer crews, all of which are focused in the delivering of underground utilities in sub-divisions.

With the ever growing metropolis of Edmonton the need for infrastructure has grown exponentially. Earthwise has grown with Edmonton and with an equipment list consisting of well over one hundred units, we are contributing in many areas to the growth of our now global home. Here are some of the ways: